Local Polling Places Work to Avoid Election Day Hang-Ups

There was a problem some voters experienced Tuesday.

"We went to the regular voting place and they didn’t have us on the list," said voter Donella Prince.

Michael and Donella Prince told FOX40 they originally registered months ago at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

"They called it the 'Department of Missing Voters,'" Donella Prince said.

For some reason, their paperwork didn’t go through. So at the last minute, both husband and wife came to the Placer County Registrar of Voters office in Auburn.

"They were well prepared for people like us who didn’t get signed up on time," Michael Prince said.

California now allows same-day conditional voter registration.

"Those votes will be counted," said Placer County Clerk-Recorder-Registrar of Voters Ryan Ronco. "People that are registering to vote today generally don’t have any hiccups or hang-ups that are going to cause those ballots not to be able to count."

Ronco said many people have been taking advantage of it and overall voter turnout is high. It was already at 40 percent before polls opened Tuesday.

"It’s not uncommon for us to maybe have somewhere in 65 to 70 percent but we are expecting somewhere between 70 to 80 percent," Ronco told FOX40.

Meanwhile, the Princes were glad they could be apart of that voter turnout.

Federal Election Observers

On Tuesday, there will be some people at Sacramento County polling places who aren’t usually there -- federal election observers with the Department of Justice.

The Voter's Choice Act requires ballots to come in more than just English.

"At our vote centers all of our language materials and ballots have to be available in at least English, Spanish and Chinese," said Sacramento County Voter Registration Communications Director Janna Haynes.

That’s why the federal observers will be at 12 Sacramento County polling places.

"They’re out there making sure that all of our vote centers are compliant, that voters can get access to what they need," Haynes said.

Haynes said this is the first time federal observers have come to Sacramento County in at least 15 years.

"We’re fully compliant, so we’re not worried about it," Haynes said.

Meanwhile, Haynes said county workers are being diligent to make sure all ballots are counted, even those with damage. Teams sort out the ballots with coffee stains and tears, which cannot go through the counting machines.

"The team over there is actually printing a new ballot and duplicating that ballot," Haynes explained. "The duplicated ballot is what runs through the tabulator and then those stay together."

As for the federal observers, Haynes says average voters have nothing to worry about.

"We don’t want to scare voters away into thinking that there’s something wrong because there’s not," Haynes told FOX40. "They’re there as oversight, we haven’t done anything wrong. There weren’t any complaints that brought them here, they’re doing this in multiple locations. So there’s no concern on the voter part."

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