Newcastle Students Honor Military Ahead of Veterans Day

NEWCASTLE-- Students in Newcastle celebrated Veterans Day a few days early with an assembly at their school early Wednesday morning.

With Veterans Day right around the corner, students at Newcastle Elementary School spent weeks learning about the military.

"We've been preparing really since the beginning of the year. Kind of right away I start talking about Veterans Day with them,” Newcastle music director Christy Aday told FOX40.

The students put everything they learned on display and invited local veterans to the assembly to thank them for their service.

"On more than one occasion, I've had a veteran tell me that coming to this assembly was the first time that somebody had actually come and thanked them for their service,” Aday said.

The students sang the official songs of each branch of the military and at the end of the program, each student handed a card they made to one of the veterans in attendance.

"The program that they put on here brings a lot of tears and memories of what it was like,” Vietnam veteran Dennis Gruhn said.

After the assembly, many of the veterans had a thank you of their own.

“It's really hard and I can't tell you how much we appreciate the school recognizing veterans. I'm from the Vietnam era so it's been a while, but just to realize that there are young people out there who do acknowledge and respect and appreciate all the veterans,” said Vietnam Veteran John Harris.

The music teacher there says the annual program is also a great way to support students who have family members currently serving in the military.

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