Sacramento Residents Start Their Week in Unhealthy Air

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Update: Sacramento State and Sacramento State Downtown will be closed Tuesday due to the poor air quality. 

SACRAMENTO -- Residents throughout the region continue to face smoky air caused by the Camp Fire, creating a health risk for everyone who breathes it.

It's not necessary to check air indexes or ozone alerts to know that the air is bad and has been since the Butte County wildfire ramped up through the weekend. The air was marginally better Monday but was still rated as unhealthy.

On a sunny Veterans Day, it was hard for people to stay indoors.

"I have seen some people out with masks and respirators," said golfer Paul Kornowsky. "I don’t feel the impact and so I’m OK. If I did I’d probably stay inside."

A lot of people gave in to the temptation, even if staying inside was the better option.

McKinley Park in midtown Sacramento is normally a jogger’s paradise and gets heavy use even during weekdays. Walkers like Ryan Casey had the jogging path to themselves Monday.

"There’s a lot more people down here but I see the smoke and the air, and the bad pollution is keeping people away for today," Casey said.

Other walkers took precautions. Mark White’s doctor told him a mask is the way to go if he has to go outside.

"I was working in the yard this morning and had a mask on. A little tough to breathe but it’s helpful," he said.

It was helpful for people to do their walking not at the park but at Arden Fair Mall, like the Offerman family and their kids.

"We normally would be at McKinley Park right now but no way," said Dawn Offerman.

School was not in session for the holiday but some of the school districts FOX40 spoke with say they will be monitoring conditions closely since they can be changeable. It is very likely that some schools will limit outdoor activities during recess and physical education classes and some may not allow kids outdoors at all during those times.

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