Butte County Deputies Patrolling Evacuated Areas Arrest 6

BUTTE COUNTY — As firefighters battled the Camp Fire and residents found shelter, Butte County sheriff’s deputies patrolling evacuated areas arrested six people.

Michael Salisbury, 48, of Reno (left) and Jason Burns, 41, of Chico (Credit: Butte County Sheriff’s Office)

On Monday, deputies arrested two men around 1 p.m.

The Butte County Sheriff’s Office reports a PG&E employee spotted Jason Burns, 41, and Michael Salisbury, 48, near Centerville Road in Butte Creek Canyon. The two men ran into a Quail Run Drive home and hid in a bedroom, where deputies found them.

According to the sheriff’s office, Burns’ family member owned the residence but did not know he was there.

Deputies found a .45 caliber handgun that had been taken from an evacuated home in Paradise. They also found an AR-15 rifle and stolen tools in the garage. An ATV that had been reported stolen was sitting outside. Multiple drugs and drug paraphernalia were in the bedroom.

Teddy King, 27, of Paradise, (left) and John Brown, 38, of Oroville (Credit: Butte County Sheriff’s Office)

Both men were arrested on suspicion of several charges, including being felons in possession of a firearm, and face bails set at $89,000.

On Tuesday, two men were found on a bike path on Skyway just below Honey Run Road around 5:30 a.m. The sheriff’s office says Teddy King, 27, and John Brown, 38, had a stolen laptop, as well as a ski mask, drugs and drug paraphernalia.

They have been booked into the Butte County Jail.

Deputies near Benatar Way in Chico Tuesday morning spotted a stolen motor home that had been reported missing out of an evacuated area of Magalia. When they pulled over the driver, Shayne Tinnel Jr., 22, they noticed there was no key in the ignition, which had been damaged.

Shayne Tinnel Jr., 22, from Magalia (left) and Tracy Sizer, 42, of Magalia (Credit: Butte County Sheriff’s Office)

Tinnel and his passenger, Tracy Sizer, 42, were arrested on suspicion of vehicle theft, possessing a stolen vehicle and looting.

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