Trouble in Paradise for Trump, Brown, Newsom Trio?

It's a business known for making the strangest of bedfellows and tomorrow, politics will come face to face with the pain of Paradise as frequent sparring partners President Trump, Governor Jerry Brown and Governor-Elect Gavin Newsom stand together to support a town devastated by wildfire.

What do those in need think of the presidential visit?

"I think it's a great idea.  If you want to understand what we're going through out gotta be here," said one woman waiting in a wildfire assistance line.

"I think it's just showboating. He'll come in and try to take credit after he's insulted the firefighters," said a fellow evacuee also waiting in that same line.

You may recall one day after the start of the fire that's now killed 71 people and put over 1000 people  on the missing list, Trump tweeted a threat to end federal fire payments if overgrown forests weren't cut back.

His tone softened four days later promising he was "with Governor Brown and the people of California all the way."

Newsom has taunted the president with California's strengths, taking a a swipe at his critiques moments after being voted in as the state's next leader.

He described California's brand as "too big to fail and too powerful to bully," during his victory speech.

Analysts on both sides of the aisle agreeing on the eve of the presidential visit, that those clamoring for normal in the wake of the Camp Fire will have little patience for verbal jousting by any politician.

"They expect our political leaders to set aside their differences and come together when people are suffering and facing such tragedy," said Republican political consultant Tab Berg.

Ed Emerson, Democratic political consultant, said, "the grateful people of California...don't care if it's Donald Trump.  They don't care if it's Peter Rabbit. I mean...they want relief, comfort."

More personnel and support for transitional housing have already been promised, but the president's not known for being a commanding comforter in chief.

Some are afraid he might have a Puerto Rico paper towel moment when he comes to Paradise.

"I mean I don't see that.  I think he'll thank the first responders; which I think is something we really need to have. First responders in California have been under a lot of fire," Berg said.

"Hope... know... the sorts of things people need in their lives right now who've lost absolutely everything in their life. Can Donald Trump pull it off? The jury is still out, but the evidence is against him at this point," said Emerson said.

Air Force One is expected to be wheels down at Beale Air Force base mid-Saturday morning.

FOX40 will have full coverage of all the developments of the day, on-air and online.

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