13-Year-Old Saves Toddler after Finding Her Alone on Modesto Street

MODESTO -- When a 13-year-old boy spotted a 2-year-old alone and trying to cross the street he rushed to save her life.

"I saw a 2-year-old trying to cross the street and she was ... a car was coming. So she was about to get (run) over and I just pushed her back to the sidewalk," said Adrian Castro.

On Thursday, Castro rescued the girl while walking from school to his boxing gym.

"We asked her what was her mom's name and she didn't know. She just started to cry," Castro told FOX40.

After he quickly grabbed his friend's phone to dial 911 and summon the police, Castro learned the little girl he saved had just figured out how to unlock doors at home.

"The cops came and the mom came and she started to cry 'cause she couldn't find her daughter," Castro said.

While that mother was frantic, Castro's own mother was full of pride when she found out how her son had stepped in and stepped up.

"He's always been a very good kid, caring, very helpful," said Lupita Castro.

Modesto police were so impressed with what Adrian Castro did they surprised him at school the next day with a gift card and a coveted citizen challenge coin from the department.

With dreams of being a Marine and then a police officer, the 13-year-old hopes to be the one handing out coins like that one day.