Camp Fire Burn Victims Face Long Road to Recovery

SACRAMENTO -- As the Camp Fire tore through Butte County, helicopters started to land at UC Davis Medical Center.

A wave of burn victims needed help wherever they could get it.

"We kind of got overwhelmed at the university, so we actually asked Shriners to take a couple of the adults just to decompress us for a while," said Dr. David Greenhalgh.

Greenhalgh said 12 victims came to them on that fateful Thursday a week and a half ago. Among them were 11 adult civilians and one firefighter.

Over the following days, it became apparent why there weren’t more burn victims sent to the hospital. Many didn’t make it out of the flames.

"It was so fast and so severe and people basically got surrounded," Greenhalgh explained.

The worst case involved a victim with nearly 50 percent of his body burned. Doctors say his recovery will take months.

There were also injuries that retold the tale of escape, including a couple with burns to their legs.

"A husband and wife both have similar burns to their legs because they ran together through the fire," Dr. Greenhalgh told FOX40.

All 12 Camp Fire burn victims were still being treated at UC Davis Medical Center on Monday.

"People tend to forget that the recovery from a big burn takes up to a year and sometimes even longer to go through the whole changes in their skin and their scars. So it’s a long, hard process," Greenhalgh said.

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