Young Greeks Touching Message to California Wildfire Victims: ‘We Feel You’

Young people from Mati, Greece share a message of solidarity with the victims of the Camp Fire.

Vassia Karri is from Mati, southern Greece. This summer, her house burned down in ravaging wildfires that killed more than 80 people in Mati and surrounding areas.

Now, Karri and her group of young friends from Mati want the people of California affected by the Camp Fire to receive a simple yet moving message: “We feel you.”

The group, which wants to be called “the young people of Mati,” took a series of black and white pictures among the devastation left by fires in Mati, Neos Voutzas and Kokkino Limanak.

Other pictures show the group holding a banner reading “99 of our friends, left to die, don’t let our paradise die too” with the hashtag #act4mati to bring awareness to victims of the July fire and revive the area.

They also wrote a poem for the victims of the California fire, entitled “I feel you California!”

It reads:

I have gone through the loss of my hometown, a place where I created my memories and lived my dreams.

I have felt what it’s like to look around me and not recognize surroundings that were once familiar.

I have felt how it is to be wondering «why?». «And now what?». To wonder what the future will hold . . . or if I can ever even start again.. I have experienced losing everything I took for granted!

But let me tell you, you have to stay strong California!

Because even though you will be feeling, disappointment, bitterness, sorrow and anger — you will find something; and that something will keep you upright …You will realize that you are not alone, cause many are there to support you.

You will succeed… And by working together, your “Paradise” will rise again. «I feel you California!»

With love

Mati, Greece