Multiple Mountain Lion Sightings Reported in Roseville

ROSEVILLE -- Early Tuesday morning, a Roseville woman woke up to a security alert from her surveillance system.

The footage shows a mountain lion strolling on her lawn off Prospect Point Drive.

"It’s definitely very strange to see it in a non-rural area," the woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, told FOX40.

While she has the video proof, others in the western part of Roseville have reported seeing a big cat recently as well.

"So we’ve had four sightings and they are kind of spattered all over Roseville," said Roseville Police spokesperson Rob Baquera.

Baquera said animal control officers were called about sightings off Corine Drive, Steinbeck Drive and near Quail Glen Elementary School, all of which are populated areas.

"The strange thing about this is that they were seen in residential neighborhoods, right?" Baquera said. "Normally you wouldn’t see a mountain lion walking too far away from the greenbelt."

Police say the sightings may be of the same cat.

As far as the mountain lion being a threat, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife says on its website, "Statistically speaking, a person is one thousand times more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked by a mountain lion."

Of course, that's just counting humans and not other animals, like pets. That's exactly why the woman with the home security video wants others to know what's lurking in her neighborhood.

"A lot of people reaching out and saying, 'Thank you. I appreciate it.' Everything like that," she said.

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