Tracy Community Stands Behind Young Cancer Survivor

TRACY -- At only 12 years old a Tracy girl and her parents found out she had cancer.

Back in January, Melanie Couch, an active 12-year-old girl, says she had a health scare.

"I almost like passed out when I was singing and I was like, 'Mom, I think we should go to the doctors,'" Couch told FOX40.

Doctors would diagnose the preteen with Wilms tumor, which is highly treatable. Still, her parents knew there was the "what if" factor.

"How do you deal with this?" said her father, Matt Couch. "I don’t recall us having a choice on how to deal with this. You just have to."

Melanie said the next four months were rough.

"This is going to suck. You’re going to hate some doctors, you’re going to not like nurses, you’re going to not like this, not like that," Melanie said.

Hospital visits turned to hospital stays while Melanie underwent chemotherapy and major surgery.

Her mother, Jennifer, was able to stay with her.

"Just all the support from our community was amazing. From friends who came in and took care of the dogs, cleaned our house," Jennifer Couch said.

In February, her classmates helped make her birthday special and turned a conference room into a celebration.

"So many people, from her friends that call her without fail, even if she didn’t call back, FaceTime’d her, text her, sent her gifts, sent her cards," Jennifer Couch said.

Now, the Couchs say Melanie’s cancer is in remission. She says she’s appreciative of the obstacles her loved ones helped her overcome.

"This doctor that I really didn’t like, this is what they did for me and that’s why I’m so healthy right now," Melanie said.

It’s a good thing Melanie likes her doctors now because the Couch family says they will continue doctors visits to ensure the cancer does not come back.

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