Winter-Like Conditions in the Sierra Delay Travelers

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KINGVALE -- Wheels were spinning on the roadways as travelers tried to make it over Donner Summit on the night before Thanksgiving.

The drive was easy just before sunset and traffic was moving at freeway speeds with no obstacles.

Just after dark, the weather turned winter-like in what seemed like an instant and some travelers were already on the mountain without chains or four-wheel drive. But even travelers with chains were having trouble.

On the steep eastbound incline between Soda Springs and Boreal, dozens of Interstate 80 travelers were stuck waiting for tow trucks.

One week after Red Flag fire danger, burn restrictions were lifted and a large wood pile was up in flames near Boreal. It was a controlled burn in a snowstorm while skiers and snowboarders celebrated the sudden arrival of powder.

"So I'm really happy we're finally getting something, 'cause it's been really warm lately," said Tessla Carlsson.

"As I was getting here it was still raining," said Antonio Sagaral. "And I get on the mountain and then three hours later, I mean, it's coming down hard. It's going to be an awesome day tomorrow."

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