Some Restaurants Open for Those with No Place to Go on Thanksgiving

STOCKTON -- While most businesses were shuttered, a number of restaurants are open this Thanksgiving to provide a warm welcome for people who may not have a place to go.

“A lot of our customers are veterans and police officers and first responders and the holidays tend to hit those folks a little bit harder,” Finnegan’s owner Tony Mannor said.

Mannor says his Stockton restaurant has been open every day for the past decade.

He says it’s important that veterans, first responders and those who may not have anyone else, feel like they have a space.

While most places were closed, Mannor and other stores recognize not everyone has a family to be with -- or dishes they want to do.

“And I don’t have to clean up and I live alone, too, so,” Air Force veteran Dave Downing said. “Well, actually, I have a dog.”

Over at UJ’s Downing is enjoying turkey brunch, a change from his Indiana roots.

“Then my dad passed away so that was two, three years ago,” he said.

Now, he and his friend Steve chow down here just about every holiday.

“It’s good food, good enough waitresses,” Downing said with a laugh.

Whether it’s over classic meals or more unconventional fare, Mannor says the holidays are all about coming together.

“Focus on those things instead of the things that push us apart, we’ll all be a little bit better,” Mannor said.

Finnegan’s will be providing free meals on Christmas Day to first responders.

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