Two Weeks after Camp Fire Swept Through Butte County, Survivors Gather for Thanksgiving

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CHICO -- Thousands of Camp Fire survivors had their Thanksgiving meal in Chico at the Sierra Nevada brewery -- many of them say they’re just grateful to have a space where they can talk with their friends and neighbors.

When you lose everything, it's easy to have little to be thankful for.

“We lost everything but our dog, and our two cars, our passports and our lives," survivor Trish Davy said.

Davy said she's thankful she and her husband have their lives, which she says she and her husband Bob were maybe 10 minutes away from losing as the fire burned around their home in Paradise.

The section of the Feather River Hospital, where she worked as a chaplain is also gone.

Thursday, Davy, her husband and their dog Lollypop came to the Sierra Nevada Brewery, where free meals are being served to Camp Fire evacuees.

"And they’re just ready to take care of you here," Davy said.

In the wake of the Camp Fire tragedy, the brewery says it decided to scrap plans for their annual Celebration beer and instead used some of its beer-making equipment to make this Thanksgiving meal.

“We cut the top of the kettle off so we can literally drop a basket in the top of the kettle to boil potatoes," facility manager John Warmerdam said.

With so many other Camp Fire survivors here, Davy says it’s good to again be with a community, which she says doesn’t need buildings or material goods.

"You find out when you’re in this situation they’re things. You find out what’s important to you," she said.

To her, it’s important to say thanks for the overwhelming show of support.

"There aren’t words for this," Davy said. "There really aren't words for this."

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