Orangevale Neighbors Say Flat Tires are Due to Deliberately Placed Roofing Nails

ORANGEVALE -- Neighbors in one Sacramento County neighborhood are fed up after finding roofing nails in driveways and neighborhood streets over the past few months.

People living in Orangevale say the nails are the cause of several flat tires reported in recent weeks. They say they believe someone is deliberately placing the nails in driveways.

When people started to notice nails were the cause of their flat tires, many thought it was an isolated incident but, when concerns were posted in a neighborhood watch group, these neighbors started to connect the dots.

Etta Smith goes for a walk in her neighborhood almost every morning; finding neighbors to greet along the way.

“We pick up paper on the streets and we rake the leaves,” said Smith.

But for the past few weeks, Smith, a long time Orangevale homeowner, says she’s been finding something else: roofing nails around corners along the street.

“I found nails on the cul-de-sacs, started talking to people on the cul-de-sacs and realized a number of flat tires have been reported and a number of tires have been replaced,” Smith said.

She says they don’t appear to be dropped by accident.

Most nails were found at corners where cars turn or in driveways near parked cars.

“The nails have been going on for two months now,” said Tom Digiacomo.

Digiacomo, who is head of the Woodmore Oaks neighborhood watch group, says he’s been trying to bring awareness to people with flat tires in the area due to nails.

“We’re finding out they’re happening at night now, so someone has been going around tossing them out at night,” said Digiacomo.

Now, these neighbors are all hoping the people responsible will think twice before striking again.

“Please stop, please stop. It’s so unnecessary,” Smith stated.

If you know who may be responsible, contact the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office.

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