Search for Remains Continues Along the Camp Fire’s Path of Destruction

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BUTTE COUNTY -- Hours after it was announced the Camp Fire was 100 percent contained Sunday, evidence of the firestorm's destruction in parts of Butte County was still everywhere.

"Power lines that are still down. There are trees that are still down, there are branches that are going to come down, culverts that are washed out in the roadways," said United States Forest Service spokesman Jim Mackensen. "So there is just going to be a tremendous amount of hazards. And we have more rain coming in later this week it sounds like."

Video shot on Neal Road in southern Paradise shows many of the dangers, including burned trees that are marked to be trimmed. Mackensen said search crews needed a lookout person during the recent storm in case branches from the trees came down in high winds.

He also said crews will need a few more days to finish their primary search, which has already led to the discovery of the remains of 85 people. Hundreds more remain unaccounted for.

"People could be a variety of places, just out in their yards. It’s entirely possible something like that could happen," Mackensen said.

While searchers continue to look, many evacuees were still not allowed back on their properties because of the dangers in the burn areas.

Shelters, once numerous, have been whittled down to two locations, the Glenn County Fairgrounds in Orland and the Butte County Fairgrounds in Gridley. The American Red Cross told FOX40 around 250 people were staying at the Butte County Fairgrounds Sunday.

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