Stockton Mother Speaks Out after Daughter’s Death, Stepmother’s Arrest

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STOCKTON -- Just a day after her beloved 4-year-old daughter Serenity died, Malinda Beach had some cutting words for the girl’s stepmother, Zulma Chavez-Ventura.

“She deserves to get hit in the head like she did my daughter,” Beach said.

Beach says her ex-boyfriend had custody of their three young kids. The last time she saw them was bittersweet.

“They cried because they didn't want me to leave and I promised them I’d see them the next day,” she told FOX40.

Years have passed and now she’s been dealt with the tragedy that she’ll never see her happy, sassy daughter again.

“That woman was a monster and what she did to my children is disgusting,” Beach said.

The Stockton Police Department reported that Serenity had been hospitalized with severe injuries over the weekend.

She died on Tuesday and Beach never got to say goodbye.

“This is murder. There was no accident,” Beach said. “She lied, they tried to cover up the incident.”

According to court documents Beach shared with FOX40, Chavez-Ventura claimed the girl had hit her head on the bed. Investigators believe that was a lie and that Chavez-Ventura abused her.

"The truth was she picked up my daughter and hung her above her head and dropped her," Beach said.

The documents further state Serenity’s 5-year-old brother told officials the stepmother slapped, kicked and stomped on them and how his stepmother told them not to tell their father.

Meanwhile, police say this is an open investigation. Chavez-Ventura denied a request for an interview.

Neighbors FOX40 spoke to say they have seen police at the family’s home after the couple’s screaming matches.

“I thought just domestic abuse or something because I heard them yelling sometimes in the garage,” neighbor Norie Suasin said.

Beach says her ex should have done more for their children.

“I hope you guys rot in hell,” Beach said. “You guys are not parents.”

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