Camp Fire Survivors Find Peace in the Snow

STRAWBERRY -- Three weeks ago, Laura Burman and her extended family lost all they knew as safety and protection to the Camp Fire.

"We drove out through flames, 360 degrees around us, over our heads, underneath," Burman told FOX40. "I used to be a very strong woman and it was the most terrifying thing that I've ever experienced."

For the former Army combat medic who's also worked ski patrol rescue and run Red Cross operations in Kauai, fear is not a room she ever thought she'd live in.

"The trauma that happens afterwards, the reliving it, has been a new experience," she said.

The slushy, icy roads in Strawberry were providing much-needed physical and emotional distance from the fiery roads she last saw when leaving her hometown of Paradise.

The Burman's new Strawberry home is what was previously only used as a summer cabin.

The owners of Strawberry Station have made room in their store for Matthew Burman to get his woodcraft business back up and running.

A little peace was also offered by Goodwill of South Lake Tahoe. The Burmans went in and because of their link to their Camp Fire, were allowed to pick up as many items as were needed for free.

"We're fortunate to be able to have shelter at this time and be surrounded by a community that really, really cares," Laura Burman said.

While no one would ever say dealing with snowy conditions is a picnic, Laura Burman's trying to remind those driving through her new home and cursing at their circumstances that what they're facing isn't so bad.

"I try to focus on what's good, what's good with our communities," Laura Burman said. "So for me, in the snow, in the cold, I find peace here."

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