Crews Stress Caution for Those Headed to the Sierra Ahead of Coming Storm

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SODA SPRINGS – Friday, a winter storm warning in the Sierra had road crews on high alert.

The warning is expected to last until 10 p.m. Saturday night which could cause some trouble for weekend travelers heading to ski resorts.

However, there's good news for folks traveling through the Sierra today to take advantage of the snow as ski resorts are expecting to be packed all weekend, with even more snow on the way.

A flurry of fun for first-time visitors to the Sierra like 4-year-old Emma Truong, who spent the day playing in fresh snow.

“Look I built a snowman right here,” Emma exclaimed. “It’s a snowman it’s white.”

Her dad went skiing at Boreal Mountain Resort in Soda Springs. Folks from all over flock to the resort to take advantage of all that powder.

“The last 48 hours have been really great storm cycles. They’ve produced about 3 feet of really light, fluffy, cold snow. The stuff the skiers love and the best stuff to learn on,” said Amy Ohran, President and General Manager of Boreal Mountain Resort

Perfect for First-time snowboarder Megan Billings who spent the evening trying to learn the ropes from her boyfriend.

“I’m definitely excited, I’ve wanted to learn to snow board my whole life. I’m definitely glad he’s the one who brought me out here,” said Billings.

Practicing the perfect footing to stay up before heading down the mountain.

“I’m hoping she doesn’t get too mad at me after I leave her in the dust,” said Noah Douglas, Billings boyfriend.

With another foot of snow expected overnight, the resort is preparing for large crowds this weekend; as snow plows clear I-80 to try to keep the roads safe.

“The traffic wasn’t bad, and the snow wasn’t bad at all. The roads were really clear. So, it was a safe drive,” said Sarah Keeley.

That’s supposed to change overnight as another storm moves in. Crews urge you to stay off the roads.

As for Emma she counts that as good news, as she’ll be able to keep building more frozen friends.

“I like snowmen all the way,” Emma said.

Again, with more snow moving in, crews are urging everyone to stay off these roads on Saturday. If you do plan on driving in the Sierra, you’ll want to make sure you have chains and take it slow.

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