Butte County Residents Return Home to Sift Through the Rubble

OLD MAGALIA -- Sunday was the first time Becky Dresser was allowed back into Old Magalia to take a look at her house, which was destroyed in the Camp Fire.

"I had actually been out of town so I didn’t even have a chance to save anything when the fire came through," Dresser told FOX40.

She was hoping to find any reminder of her old life.

"I’ve been in the Paradise area since I was 4," Dresser said. "So it’s not just losing the house, it’s losing my community."

Evacuation orders were lifted Sunday in parts of Magalia and Concow.

"Out of my family we lost three out of four homes," said Magalia resident Summer Baker.

Baker found her house still standing but her childhood home just next door burned to the ground.

"My dad built it. He was a contractor and he passed away in February," she said. "So it was just a two-story, custom log cabin overlooking the canyon. He’s not here, which I’m thankful that he didn’t have to go through this because it would have broke his heart."

She said she was not ready to sift through the rubble. She will have to do that in the coming days.

"We’re just hoping that a lot of people come back and rebuild the town," Baker said.

In the meantime, Dresser tried to find comfort in what survived, like an angel statue left unscathed in the rubble.

"The first thought that came into my mind was, 'What did she have to watch?'" Dresser said.

Dresser is an artist and is saving the rubble to use in her work.

"Being an artist I know that I can maybe work that into something that will still give me that comfort of having something from my past," she explained.

Sunday those areas were just open to residents. They’ll open up to the general public Monday.

Still, most people who had homes survive in the area told FOX40 it will be a while before they move back in because there is no power.

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