Man Arrested after Modesto Woman Says He Exposed Himself to Her

MODESTO -- A Modesto woman claims a man exposed himself to her and performed a lewd act while she was out on a jog Sunday morning.

"I really want women to be aware of the fact that there are creeps like this out there," the woman, who chose to hide her identity, told FOX40.

She said as she was jogging around Modesto's Orangeburg Avenue a car she had recognized was on the corner of Magnolia Avenue.

"Automatically felt uncomfortable because I wasn't sure why this guy would be sitting there," the woman recalled. "It didn't look like he was waiting for anybody to come out of one of these houses. He was just sort of watching me."

She looked inside the car and saw a man partially naked.

"Kind of held his eyes for a second and I realized he was nude from the waist down and he was fondling himself," she said.

In shock, she said what the man did next has enraged her.

"Lifted up his hand and kind of waved at me in this gesture that was almost like cute and flirty and that made me even more mad," she said.

Frazzled yet determined, the woman said she got her phone out and took a picture of his car. Although blurry, she managed to memorize his license plate then sought justice online.

She said she heard from other women who have had similar encounters.

"So it looked like maybe this was something that he was seeking out in the community and it's pretty scary," she said.

Through her vigilance, the Modesto Police Department said they were able to make an arrest Tuesday. Investigators say 28-year-old Devon Harris lured two other victims to his car on two separate occasions back in September.

One of the victims was a minor, so he is facing a charge related to that. He also faces an indecent exposure charge.

The jogger said she hopes he will now keep his business to himself.

"It’s not going to change the way I live my life," the woman said. "I’m hoping that this guy getting in trouble changes the way he lives his life."

The woman said this was the second time this has happened to her. She said the first time was about five years ago on McHenry but she was not able to get a picture of that person’s car.

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