Widowed Persons Association Celebrates Man’s 100th Birthday

CITRUS HEIGHTS -- Clarence Finneman’s 100th birthday celebration began with his usual appearance at Hard Times Billiards in Citrus Heights, where 30 to 40 members of the Widowed Persons Association of California play each Tuesday morning.

Although he was congratulated by friends and family, he soon took to a pool table.

"I feel great," Finneman said.

And he looked it as his shots got applause from family and friends who gathered for his birthday bash. He was finally pulled away from his pool table to blow out the candles on his birthday cake and party with friends and family.

Finneman's son, Wayne, said his father still has a good game and is tough to beat.

WPAC sponsors support groups and events like dances, dinners and trips for widows and widowers.

"When you lose your spouse you’ve lost half of yourself and it’s very important to be involved with people going through the same situation as you are,” said Claudia Ezzell, president of WPAC.

Wayne also credits WPAC for holding events like the Tuesday pool players gathering.

"It’s a real big help to him, I think, keeping him active," Wayne Finneman said. "He’s done a lot of things with the club."

More can information on events and gatherings can be found at the WPAC website.

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