Oxygen Tank Explosion Sparks Stockton House Fire

STOCKTON -- An oxygen tank exploded Thursday, causing a house fire and sending one woman to the hospital.

Stockton neighbors told FOX40 a woman was sitting out on her porch when the force from the oxygen tank exploding blew out the front window of the home, sending glass shattering onto the sidewalk. Neighbors say they heard a loud noise before they saw smoke and flames coming from the home.

Stockton firefighters were working on another fire when they were called to West 4th Street.

That's when a few neighbors say they jumped into action, working together to rescue the woman before firefighters arrived.

"It went boom and then my grandpa was like, 'There are flames shooting out of the house. Come on, come on.' So we went outside," a neighbor said. "She was on the porch smoking and because she's disabled she can't walk. So my grandfather, me and the neighbor, we had to go and grab her and rescue her off the porch."

Firefighters say at least one oxygen tank exploded and there were others inside the home.

Firefighters were able to keep that fire contained to the home and say they've determined the cause of the fire to be accidental.