Suspected East Area Rapist Will Use Public Defender, Judge Rules

SACRAMENTO -- The man accused of being one of California's most infamous killers appeared in a Sacramento County courtroom Thursday, where a judge ruled he could not afford his own attorney and will use a public defender.

Phyllis and Cyril Kalbach say they've waited more than 40 years to see the suspected East Area Rapist, Joseph DeAngelo.

"I just loved seeing him in orange and behind bars," Phyllis Kalbach said. "It felt good. It's cathartic. He's so evil."

Judge Michael Sweet also ruled on the defense motion to exclude media coverage from inside the courtroom.

"This case has great public interest. Not only nationally, but internationally. I don't believe Mr. DeAngelo's rights to a fair trial would be jeopardized by allowing the media in based on the balancing of those interests," Sweet said.

The proceedings lasted just a few minutes, then the Kalbachs walked out.

The couple believes the East Area Rapist stalked Phyllis, breaking into their Citrus Heights home several times before he was confronted by Cyril Kalbach, armed with a shotgun.

"If he comes through that door, I'm shooting him. So I jacked a round into that 12-gauge pump, he heard that, bang, he was gone," Cyril Kalbach said.

The couple believes the East Area Rapist followed them when they moved to Fair Oaks, but that was their last encounter with him.

Cyril says a member of the East Area Rapist task force had asked if the suspect had broken into their home previously and if they noticed any photographs missing. A picture of Phyllis was missing.

"He said, 'That's the part of the MO that we never released to the public,'" Cyril Kalbach said. "He always took a photograph of his intended victim."

DeAngelo will be back in court on April 10.

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