Adoption Miracle for ‘Damn Yellow Cat’

LINCOLN -- Another cat affected by the Camp Fire will go to his new home tomorrow....against all odds.

Meet 'Damn Yellow Cat.'

That's his name. And his owner, a widower, lost everything he had when Paradise burned last month.

Now, that man is living in a travel trailer and doesn't have a secure outside space for his pet to roam.

Since 'Damn Yellow Cat' will not stay indoors, he made the tough choice to put him up for adoption.

With a feline that's thought to be 15-years-old and has...well....let's say...a bit of a 'cattitude,' the folks at FieldHaven Feline Center thought they'd never match him up with a new pet parent.

They actually found 12 applicants who felt they were up to the challenge - one who lives just a few miles away from the shelter in Lincoln where he's been staying.

They're ready to start their new life together.

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