Handcrafted Sleigh, Reindeer Stolen from Senior Mobile Home Park

SACRAMENTO -- Santa's handmade wooden sleigh and four reindeer were stolen outside the clubhouse at the Casa De Flores senior mobile home park in Sacramento.

Manager Lona Holberg got the news from her assistant.

"It was around midnight, he came to pick up something and it was there. At 5 o'clock Sunday morning it was gone," Holberg said.

The decorations are one of a kind. Tom Rohde crafted them by hand based on an idea shared by Holberg two years before he passed away.

"So it's not something that you can replace and it's just heartbreaking," Holberg said.

It definitely looked a lot like Christmas a block away from the park clubhouse at Marilyn Abbott's home but a few things disappeared from there two days before the other heist.

"I had a gold reindeer like this. I had a reindeer this size but white wicker and a white wicker sleigh. And a 5-foot-tall Santa and everything was gone," Abbott said.

Rohde's wife and Holberg say the decorations were stolen overnight and they could be returned the same way, no questions asked. If you spot them for sale online they're asking that you buy them and they'll reimburse you the cost.

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