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Police: Bicyclist Shoots, Kills Aggressive Dog in Rocklin

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ROCKLIN — A bicyclist shot and killed an aggressive dog Wednesday after it attacked his dog.

Around 9:35 a.m., a Rocklin resident was riding his bike in the area of Sonora Pass Way near Park City Court while his two dogs were on a leash. At the same time, a woman opened her door to take out the trash and her dog escaped the house, according to the Rocklin Police Department.

The police department reports the homeowner’s dog began attacking one of the bicyclist’s dogs.

After unsuccessfully trying to pull the dogs apart, the bicyclist, who was legally armed, told the woman he would be forced to shoot her dog. She told him that would be OK and he fired his gun at the dog.

The woman’s dog died at the scene while the bicyclist’s dog was injured and taken to a veterinarian. Neither resident was injured.

The police department determined “no criminal actions were committed.”

Nearby Rock Creek Elementary School went into a brief lockdown following the shooting.

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