Auto Shop Hopes to Start New Holiday Tradition Fixing Bikes for Kids in Need

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FRENCH CAMP --  Employees at Paulsen's Motorsports in French Camp normally spend their days working on classic cars.

This week, they've been working to restore used bikes to riding condition.

Shop owner Pete Paulsen came across 30 bikes -- from tricycles to Schwinn's -- at a garage sale.

He plans to give them all away to kids for Christmas.

"I thought they were just sitting there going to waste it was crazy, just sitting there. I thought that's nuts they can be put to a good use," Paulsen said.

Once word started to spread, people in the community started dropping off more bikes, many of them in serious need of repair.

"Most of this stuff is from the yard cleanups, things [that] are laying there. Some of them have ripped seats.  Some of them are missing a handlebar, grips. Some of them are rusty," Paulsen explained. "We're just trying to make them look the best we can."

Now, workers like Doug are pushing the pedal to the metal to get the bikes all cleaned up in time for Christmas.

"I came in at 7 this morning to work on bicycles. I got 6 or 7 done. I'm hoping to get a lot more done today," Doug said.

"I'm hoping that they're happy; there are families out there that are hurting. We're going to make [the bikes] look halfway decent and rideable and everything and I hope it will bring some joy to kids so they'll have something," Paulsen said.

Even though the employees haven't finished all the bikes they have now, Paulsen says the wheels are already spinning on how they can do even more next year.

"I think next year it's going to turn into a big thing. We'll start accumulating the first of the year," Paulsen said.


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