Mother Upset after Marysville Middle School Failed to Notify Parents about Student Possibly Giving Out Marijuana Brownies

MARYSVILLE -- Parents of students at McKenney Intermediate Middle School in Marysville usually take comfort in knowing all kids receive free breakfast and lunch from the Marysville district.

But, it was something else eaten by students on campus this week that is causing concern.

"They're bringing marijuana brownies," explained 8th-grader Andrew Dobbs. "This one girl [brought them] and everybody was talking about it. And then one of my friends came into the office [because] he ate one of them."

Andrew says he wasn't offered one of the allegedly tainted treats but that dozens were as they were handed out by a 7th-grader near the basketball courts during morning break time Wednesday.

Students have about 10 minutes to buy snacks and decompress after second period.

While some kids who took the brownies supposedly knew what was inside, Andrew says many didn't.

"This one girl ate it and she said 'oh yeah, that's pot brownies' and then the girl started crying," Andrew recalled.

Some students involved stayed at school after the incident and others weren't feeling well and were sent home.

Right now, Andrew's mother only knows about Marysville police coming to campus to investigate this situation because of what she's heard from her son - something she finds unacceptable.

"These are our children. we need to know something. If you can call us to tell us that you need to pick up your kid from after school program by 4 because it closes, why can't they leave us a message stating that there was a situation that was to do with drugs," Andrews mother Rachel Supnet said.

Friday was the last school day before Christmas break and FOX40 did not get any district response to our calls and emails about the brownies.

Marysville police couldn't say how many students ate them or if they definitely contained pot. But, what's left of the brownies has been sent to the State Department of Justice for testing.

Though officers couldn't confirm what if any action had been taken against the 7th-grader who brought the brownie to school or her parents, Andrew says the girl had not been back to class since the incident.

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