Victim Describes Armed Carjacking in Elk Grove

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ELK GROVE -- A carjacking victim spoke out for the first time after a shoplifter led police on a pursuit before stealing her car at gunpoint.

"He said, 'Sorry, I hate to do this. Give me your keys,'" said Gabe Anderson.

It all happened just after 1 p.m. in Elk Grove Saturday. Anderson said she was at work at the time.

"I took my vehicle from one of our company locations across the street to behind our retail outlet store and hopped out of my car, shut the door," Anderson said.

She described the moment the man approached her outside of her job.

"Suddenly, this man ran up to me. He pushed my coworker aside," she said.

With her keys still in her hand, she refused to let go.

"I looked at him and I realized he was holding a gun to my stomach, about 6 inches away from my stomach," Anderson told FOX40.

Elk Grove police say it all started when officers received a call about three people shoplifting at a nearby Walmart.

When officers pulled over the suspects one jumped into the front seat, driving off and leading police on a short pursuit.

Police say it ended at a home on Chablis Way, where neighbors describe a car going over 50 mph on a dead-end street before the suspect jumped over a back fence, carjacking Anderson.

"I’m kicking myself for not paying better attention in the parking lot because 30 seconds previous to actually taking my vehicle, according to our surveillance footage for our company, he had tried to take another vehicle but they drove off," Anderson said.

While Anderson says she wants her car returned, she’s hoping the man who carjacked her is caught soon so no one else has to experience what she went through outside of her job.

"Obviously I want my car back but I would hate for him to take someone else's vehicle and continue on the chain," she said.

Anderson's car is a white 2000 Toyota 4Runner. It has a California license plate with the number 7CZX035. Anderson says it has several stickers, including some AR-15 stickers, an American flag and a Canadian flag.

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