Caltrans’ Maps Allow Residents to Monitor Climate-Driven Risks

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SACRAMENTO -- Caltrans released two more interactive maps that outline the effects of climate change scenarios on state roadways.

Earlier this year, it released a map of the San Francisco Bay Area that at a click of a button shows bridges and highways at risk of storm surges. Other selections include temperature predictions and fire risk assessments.

The just released maps cover the far northern part of the state, as well as the Central Valley region around Fresno.

With recent climate influenced disasters affecting evacuations and accessibility of first responders, Caltrans says it's trying to do long-range planning in focusing on the most vulnerable roadways.

But the maps are being made available to residents so they can assess the climate risk where they live.

“We pulled in a lot of scientific data sources to make this map and make it available to the public so that not only our planners can take a look at it, but the general public can take a look,” said Caltrans spokesperson Matt Rosenberg.

Caltrans has its own Climate Change Branch and the existing maps can be found on its website by clicking here. It’s in the process of completing maps for other parts of the state.

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