Oroville Church Gives Christmas Gifts to Youngest Camp Fire Victims

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OROVILLE -- A week before Christmas, the magical tradition of gift giving took on a greater significance in Oroville.

"We are starting from scratch," said Camp Fire victim Ashley Dunn. "Everything that we spent years saving for is gone."

Monday was the first time Dunn saw her burned down Paradise home.

"You can't really doubt it anymore when you're actually there," she told FOX40.

It was a tough start to a day that ended on a high note.

For the past 14 years, The Father's House Church in Oroville has helped provide less fortunate kids with Christmas presents through its Gift of Hope Christmas Assistance program.

This Christmas, however, they have expanded the giving, offering toys to more than 1,000 kids who survived the Camp Fire, while at the same time giving their parents the essentials to start over.

"We wanted to do more this year than just giving gifts," said Pastor Danielle Devine. "We wanted them to have an experience they'll remember, and so here we are."

Devine showed FOX40 what that experience is all about. It includes cookies, Santa Clause, arts and crafts and a trip through a winter wonderland.

"Our inspiration for this was Narnia," Devine told FOX40. "So it's like they come through this tunnel of evergreen branches and LED bulbs and, I mean, the kids' faces when they get through this part is pretty cool."

It all culminated with kids getting their presents from under the tree.

Dunn said the subtle gestures make all the difference while her family and many other Camp Fire victims attempt to regain their normal lives.

"And so the fact that they're interacting and they're putting smiles on kids faces and my kid, it's very appreciated and it's uplifting, especially around Christmas," she said.

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