4 Dogs Killed in South Sacramento House Fire

SOUTH SACRAMENTO -- Tuesday morning began for Ricardo Fermin in a panic.

Fermin woke up to flames burning everything in the yard of his South Sacramento home.

"I just woke up and the whole backyard was on fire," he told FOX40. "I ran to the neighbor’s house trying to use their phone because I didn’t know where mine was at at the time."

Fermin was home by himself when the fire broke out on the Mascot Avenue property, burning a number of cars parked there and damaging neighbors' fences.

"By the time I woke up the whole thing was engulfed in flames, I didn’t know what to do," Fermin said.

Thanks to a quick response from Sacramento fire crews, the fire spared the family’s home. However, it did claim the lives of four small dogs, who spent their time in the backyard and were trapped by the flames.

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