Steamer Trunk Full of Christmas Memories Stolen from Folsom Garage

FOLSOM -- Last week, Christmas decor was stolen from a Folsom apartment.

The thief or thieves hit Norma Burchard's garage.

"When I got up on Wednesday morning and opened the door you can see the gap where I had blankets on top of it," Burchard pointed out. "It was a steamer chest with the barrel top, or whatever you call them. Yeah, my great-grandmother brought it from Germany in the 1890s."

In that chest were Christmas memories from her first three children, Pat, Tracy and Cindy. They were all made when the sisters were young.

"There were little things the kids have made out of clay in odd shapes with their picture in it," Burchard told FOX40.

Also tucked inside that now-vanished chest were ornaments featuring her children's children.

"Somehow they got in without damaging anything," Burchard said while in her garage. "But here you can get out by pressing. So if they had ... I mean there's millions of these openers. Millions of people have garage door openers."

As Burchard has aged she has rid herself of a lot of things. So what she's kept is significant.

Still, she didn't report the theft to the police because she felt they had more important things to worry about.

If you know someone who's recently acquired a weathered steamer trunk and some ornaments that don't quite look like they came from the store or if you've spotted them online please let FOX40 know.

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