Firefighters Demonstrate Just How Fast Christmas Tree Fires Can Spread

SACRAMENTO -- There's just under a week left until Christmas, and firefighters are warning people about the importance of displaying their holiday tree in a safe place.

Metro Fire held a fire demonstration Wednesday in an Antelope home that was due to be demolished.

"We get a few of these every single year and they range from a candle that was left next to some kind of curtains or other decorations, bad Christmas lights that might be fray and might ignite a table clothe or even a Christmas tree," Captain Chris Vestal.

Firefighters showed just how quickly flames can take a tree that hasn't been watered enough. It took just seconds for flames to reach the ceiling. Not much longer, the entire home was on fire.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are more than 150 fires started by Christmas trees a year.

"Water your Christmas tree, use listed Christmas lights, don't use indoor Christmas lights outside your property and make sure you don’t have any open flame sources within three feet of a combustible -- like a Christmas tree," Vestal said.

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