Want Stress-Free Holiday Travel? Publications Say Try Sacramento International Airport

SACRAMENTO -- At the Sacramento International Airport holiday travel seemed more laid back Wednesday.

That’s partly because of 10-year-old Amaryn Olmeda’s violin and her brother's cello.

"Mostly classical actually and then we did a couple of dance pieces," said her brother, Peter Olmeda.

The Olmeda siblings were performing in the baggage claim area of Terminal B as part of the airport’s holiday entertainment series. They played to the hundreds of people waiting around the conveyor belts for their luggage.

"Once they come off the airplane, I just want to make sure that they have a wonderful day and they just get to either get on the airplane or get off and they’re just happy," Amaryn said.

Their music was one of many reasons SMF has been rated one of the least stressful holiday airports by several publications, including InsureMyTrip, which based its survey on flight cancellation rates.

But it’s also a favorite among those from out of town.

"It’s just a very simple airport with the two terminals," said Uber driver Evanthia Kucera. "People say they’re very happy they didn’t have to fly into LAX or SFO."

FOX40 asked ridesharing drivers in the waiting lot Wednesday what they've heard from their customers.

"The whole experience I think is probably a lot less stressful and a lot more pleasant than they’re used to, especially if it’s a seasoned traveler," said Lyft driver Steven Walden.

Still, the airport recommends travelers arrive two hours before their flight leaves and the holiday rush is still coming to SMF.

"We’re expecting the 21 to 23 and then the 26th to be our busiest time," said Samantha Moss with the Sacramento County Department of Airports.

But both Olmeda siblings said they’re glad they can help bring peace to such a busy place.

"Just really happy that we get to be here and I get to talk to you and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas," Amaryn said.

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