Folsom Police, Neighbors Concerned by Rash of Home Break-Ins

FOLSOM -- Some Folsom residents are feeling uneasy following a rash of residential break-ins that have occurred within the past week.

A couple of suspects broke into Jim Glasgow and Catherine Sheridan’s home Wednesday night.

“My niece was actually in the house, left for a short period of time, and it happened in that short window, like an hour,” Sheridan said.

“They jumped over the back of the wall, there's a wall back there," Glasgow told FOX40. "They jumped over the wall, they smashed through the sliding glass door and then basically ransacked the whole upstairs.”

The thieves made off with medication and jewelry, some pieces which are irreplaceable and handmade by Sheridan’s mother.

The couple believes the suspects may have been watching them because they hit just after Glasgow left to pick Sheridan up from the airport and after their niece left the house as well.

"Police said there's a crime spree going on right now,” Sheridan said.

Folsom police confirmed that a half dozen residential break-ins have happened in the past week and investigators believe they're all connected.

Another resident just a couple of doors down shared on Facebook that someone tried entering her home through the sliding glass door. She failed to answer her front door after someone rang twice just before 9 p.m.

"Be diligent and really watch for things,” Glasgow said.

"You really need to know your neighbors because you can look out for one another, you know? This is icky," Sheridan said.

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