Suisun City Homeowners Transform Their Property into Magical Gingerbread House for the Holidays

SUISUN CITY -- This holiday season, 6 p.m. is a magical time on Shoveller Drive in Suisun City as music, lights and incredible creativity go on display for the whole neighborhood.

“Awesome … like just the experience to see this. Its just awesome,” 9-year-old Kaelyn said.

Dressed in their unicorn hats, Kaelyn and her sister Katie were dazzled by the big reveal.

“Love it," Katie said.

Aaron Sencil and Vincent Tanciongco, creators of the masterpiece VnA's Gingy House, say the idea sprouted three years ago.

“It was a joke!” Sencil explained. "We joked and said maybe we should do something and jokingly said … 'yeah like a ginger bread house.'”

That joke soon became a serious project.

The outcome? A whimsical escape for neighbors during the holiday season.

Everything on display is either environmentally friendly or recycled from things like pool floats, Tupperware and Halloween pumpkin pales.

The actual ginger bread backdrops were created using Suisun City Mayor Lori Wilson’s campaign signs.

"This is about Christmas; this is about creativity,” city council member Mike Segala said.

Segala came to thank the pair for their sweet treat for neighbors.

“That is what keeps us going ... to continue doing this on a daily basis," Tanciongco said.

This was the first year of VnA’s Gingy House but they're already planning to keep the tradition going next year.

The house will remain on display through January 5.

For more information, visit their Facebook Page. 


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