Fairfield Couple Documents 76-Year Marriage in New Book, from WWII to Present Day

FAIRFIELD -- Warren and Clara MacQuarrie survived World War II, and 76 years of marriage.

Their love story begins in high school.

"When I was a junior in high school, I was walking down the corridor one afternoon and I saw this beautiful lady walking toward me," Warren said.

"Well, he was very good looking in high school. He was an athlete," Clara added. "We became closer and closer and closer."

Two years later, they got married.

"We heard that Pearl Harbor had been attacked," Warren said.

"And immediately we had this feeling that, ugh, you know, separation," Clara said.

Clara put her arms around Warren's neck and crossed her fingers, which she says meant "come home."

"And fortunately I never got shot down," Warren told FOX40.

They would say goodbye like that three times during the war.

Now, decades later, the MacQuarries have written a book about their story -- "Love & War: Our Journey Through Life."

"Anybody who's been in the military will be very interested in his career and I think they'll be interested in what happens to a military wife and how she survives," Clara said. "And then of course now that we've been married 76 years, I'm still in love with my husband. But sometimes I gets little angry with him and he gets a little angry with me so that's normal."

Their secret to a long and lasting marriage -- don't sweat the small stuff, Clara says.

"Yeah," Warren added. "I took orders from her."

FOX40 photojournalist Rachelle DeNoon filed this report.

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