Local Family Says Home Surveillance Caught Two Men Attempting to Break In

SACRAMENTO COUNTY -- A local family is thankful a home surveillance system caught two people who appear to be attempting to break into their house.

It happened in a residential area between Bradshaw and Gerber roads in Sacramento County.

The homeowners say it’s been pretty safe since they moved in in October. But they say this latest scare has them on edge.

Mike Lopez says his sister heard a knock on the door Wednesday night.

“What happened was they went to bed, they heard that noise and realized someone was at the door,” he said.  “I didn’t know until the morning when my sister let me know what was going on.”

A Ring doorbell surveillance system caught two men outside the home just before 10 p.m.

“Usually when someone knocks you go to check it out,” said Lopez.

The two men appear in the video and knock on the door a few times before peeking through the window and later attempting to pull on the doorknob.

The men can then be seen leaving before returning to try their luck again just a few seconds later.

“My sister turned on the light and the guys ran away and you can see it in the video,” Lopez said.

That’s when they sped off down the street.

“What they are thinking to do is get inside the house and do whatever they want to do,” Lopez said.

Lopez says he and his sister are next door neighbors and this latest but rare encounter has them worried for their safety.

“It’s nerve-wracking and we don’t want anything to happen to anybody, it’s already late night,” he said.

The family says they did go in to file a police report but say they’re keeping an eye out just in case the men return.

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