Local Political Collector Owns Memorabilia Spanning Most of Gov. Brown’s Career

SACRAMENTO -- A Sacramento man is paying homage to Gov. Brown with an extensive collection of political memorabilia.

64-year-old Cary Jung has been collecting campaign posters, statues, political cartoons for most of Brown’s career.

“Basically, these two pins are when he was governor,” said Jung. “Presidential runs, 76, 80, 1992.”

Memorabilia Line the walls and table inside Jung’s home.

“For gov. Brown, I’ve been collecting them since his first race,” he said.

Jung’s collection includes hundreds of political items he’s collected throughout the years of several political figures.

A collection he started with a fondness for the governor’s late father.

“I admired his dad, Pat Brown, Pat Brown was governor for two terms, then when Jerry Brown got in the arena, I admired his ideas,” Jung said.

The collection spans the governor’s extensive political career - ranging from Brown’s campaign for secretary of state, his four terms as governor - along with his campaigns for president.

Jung’s collection has been displayed at the California museum in Sacramento - along with other institutions.

“I’ve been a political items collector since the late 60’s and it’s a passion, and it’s a love,” Jung said.

While he’s thinking of adding on to his political display, he’s holding on to some priceless artifacts.

“I’m looking for some earlier stuff, pre-1900’s,” Jung said.

And He’ll keep collecting, even long after Brown leaves office next month.

“A little bittersweet but he’s going to stay active in the arena. I know the climate change area is something he wants to stay involved in, but I’ll miss him,” Jung said.

Jung is also a 42-year member of the American Political Items Collectors.

He also started a chapter of Political Items Collectors in 2008 for former President Barack Obama.

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