Citrus Heights Woman Recovers in Hospital after Suspected DUI Crash Shatters Her Legs

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CARMICHAEL -- Monday night, a Citrus Heights woman was in the hospital wondering if she would be able to walk again.

It was a New Year’s Eve Kelly Cass never could have foreseen.

"My heart is broken for her, for everything that she's going to have to go through," said her mother, Cristie.

But still, her mother is thankful.

"I know she’s going to get through it," Cristie Cass said. "I know she is, she just is that person."

On Thursday, Kelly Cass was riding her skateboard near Auburn Boulevard and Charwood Lane in Citrus Heights. Police say a suspected drunken driver, Angel Huerta, hit her with his car, sending her flying through his windshield and into the passenger seat.

"I feel like God was holding her in his hands through that windshield," Cristie Cass told FOX40.

The crash broke her arm, shattered bones in her legs and fractured her neck.

Her sister, Kayla Dowty, is just thankful she is alive.

"Kelly, miraculously, has no head or face trauma," Dowty said.

Police said rather than stopping and helping Kelly, Huerta kept driving with the 27-year-old injured in the front seat of the car.

"Just as a human being that’s hard to fathom," Cristie Cass said.

"It does feel unfair. It does feel like, of course, nobody deserves this," Dowty said.

Huerta kept driving and made it roughly 3 miles away to Mariposa Avenue as Kelly begged him to pull over.

He eventually abandoned the car, running off and leaving her all alone. That's when she was able to call 911.

"She is the strongest, most determined person that I know," her mother said.

It didn’t take much time until officers found Huerta, who was trying to make a run for it. They arrested him on suspicion of felony DUI, felony hit-and-run and kidnapping.

He was already on parole for a prior DUI that seriously injured someone back in 2012 and has also been charged with violating his parole.

"I do hope that he doesn’t have the chance to do this to anybody again," Cristie Cass said.

As she recovers in the hospital, doctors still do not know if Kelly will be able to walk again, but her family is hopeful.

"She’s not out of the woods yet, of course," her mother said. "But so far everything has been going better than we could ever hope for."

The suspect in the case remains in jail with no option of bail.

Kelly Cass has a long road of surgeries, recovery and physical therapy ahead. Her family has started a GoFundMe to help with medical expenses.

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