During Government Shutdown, Yosemite Visitors Do Their Part to Keep Park Clean

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK -- Visitors continue to travel to Yosemite National Park despite the ongoing partial government shutdown.

Little staff left on duty means human waste and overflowing garbage has been building up and illegal off-roading and other damaging behaviors are often left unchecked.

Yosemite's breathtaking waterfall, majestic cliffs and ethereal nature could not be fully appreciated if not for people like Jacie Rivas and Don Figari.

"Loving the space that loves us back," Rivas said. "I mean, we get a lot of joy out of this place so why not take care of it? Why not help out?"

Tools in hand, Rivas and Figari, visiting from Lodi, took it upon themselves to pick up litter.

"We were going to go to adventure today anyways and we decided this is a good one," Figari said.

Some campgrounds are closed and staffing is limited because of the shutdown, now in its second week. Despite this, thousands of people are still visiting national parks.

"How calm everything is and how good everybody’s doing and nobody’s charging around, driving fast and parking where they shouldn’t and things like that," Marv Evans, visiting from San Diego, told FOX40.

Rangers are advising families who do not have reservations to only stay for the day. For Rivas and Figari, they only needed a couple of hours to make an impact.

"We come here a few times a year, we love this place and we just want to do our part," Figari said.

Rangers also warn that there is no safe place for sledding or snow play, as the shutdown is impacting emergency response times.

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