$15,000 Worth of Tools Stolen Just as Couple Moves into Dream Home

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PLACERVILLE -- A local couple bought their dream home but were burglarized before they even had a chance to completely move in.

Cyndi Renn called a two-story, 2,500-square-foot home on a Placerville hill her dream house.

"We saw this house, just ... it just was everything that we wanted," she told FOX40.

But the dream move quickly became a nightmare for her family.

Over the weekend, they began moving their things in. By Sunday night, burglars had broken in.

Doors were broken, property was damaged and $15,000 worth of her husband's tools were stolen. They were tools he needed for his job as a construction superintendent.

"The really hard things that are missing are his grandfather's tools. A lot of chisels and scribes and things like that that have been passed down through the generations," Renn said.

Renn said the family was so disheartened by what happened they considered changing course.

"We had talked about maybe not keeping the house," she said.

She also said El Dorado County Sheriff's deputies who responded to the burglary informed her the house has been a hotbed for drug activity in the past. The sheriff's office confirmed a report of the Renn family’s burglary but could not immediately confirm a criminal history at the home.

"We felt very alone in the beginning and the community has rallied around us," Renn said.

Renn told FOX40 well wishes and donation offers have been pouring in. The kind gestures are the sole reason the family has ultimately decided to stay in the home.

"It showed us that there are still good people right here among us," Renn said.

On Wednesday, Renn's husband bought a new stove to replace their damaged one. However, the sellers would not let the family pay for it, insisting that after what they’d been through the stove would be free.

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