Firefighters: Two Injured after ‘Small Aircraft’ Found on American River

SACRAMENTO -- Two people were in the hospital Wednesday after their plane crashed into the American River just east of Interstate 5 near Discovery Park.

Shortly before noon, witnesses said they saw the small two-seat aircraft tumble before stopping and floating in the water.

After receiving the call for help, fire crews were on the scene within minutes.

One passenger stopped breathing and needed immediate medical aid.

(Courtesy: Sacramento Fire Department)

"The female required assistance from paramedics and fire department personnel," said Sacramento Fire Capt. Keith Wade.

CPR was performed on the victim until she was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

"The male was able to remove himself and get to shore by his own power," Wade told FOX40.

Wade said the man suffered a head injury but he was conscious and able to talk. His condition is unknown.

It's unknown right now what lead to the crash but Wade said there was no report of engine failure.

"We're very early in the investigation," he said. "I have no idea why or how this airplane crashed. I do have a report that they were out of the Napa area."

Aside from the injuries suffered because of the crash, Wade said the passengers on board, along with first responders who got into the water to help, had other elements to deal with.

"The water is freezing along with the air too, so to be in that water presents its own medical emergency as well," Wade said.

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