Woman Recovering after Seeking Help with Knife Still in Chest

SOUTH SACRAMENTO COUNTY-- Authorities are investigating a stabbing incident in a South Sacramento County home that left one woman hospitalized and a man dead.

Neighbors on Montreux Way say the street is generally quiet and peaceful.

"I guess you never really know what’s going on in somebody else’s home until it takes police squad cars to come knock on your door saying, 'Hey, did you hear anything?'" said neighbor Derrick Shorter Jr.

Shorter Jr. said he didn’t hear anything and was shocked to learn his neighbor attacked his wife with a knife.

The woman later went in search of help with the knife still in her chest.

The 911 call came in at about 6 a.m. Wednesday. When deputies arrived at the couple’s home, they thought there was still a suspect inside.

"Our officers here tried to make contact with anyone in the residence and began making PA announcements inside the home from their vehicles to try to draw anyone out," Sgt. Shaun Hampton explained.

The person who came out of the home was a woman in her 80s. Inside, they found the suspect they were looking for.

The man had taken his own life hours earlier.

"We only see a few of these a year where it is an attempted murder or a murder-suicide. Unfortunately, they do happen but it doesn’t seem at this point that there is any history of domestic violence, at least from our initial investigation," Hampton said.

Some neighbors described them as a happy couple and said the husband was nice, warm, friendly and helpful.

Shorter Jr. said he didn’t know the husband well but he seemed to be a kind man who took in foster kids for years.

"He would place cones out for the kids when the kids were out. You would see him walking the kids to the park," Shorter Jr. said. "You would never really see anything out of the ordinary."

The man's wife is expected to survive her stab wounds.

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