Stockton Family Honors Tow Truck Driver Killed by Suspected Drunken Driver

STOCKTON -- A Stockton family is honoring a tow truck operator who was killed Christmas Day by a suspected drunken driver.

The CHP reports the 48-year-old father was working on northbound Interstate 5 near Mathews Road when a GMC lost control.

Throughout Bob’s Tow Yard pictures of Juan Morga were hung Thursday. His son, Jorge, said this past Christmas holiday now haunts the family.

Morga was loading a car onto his truck on the shoulder of I-5 when the CHP says 25-year-old driver Kyle Thomasson, who officers suspect was drunk, fatally crashed into him.

Some community members remember Thomasson as a contestant on seasons 10 and 15 of "American Idol."

In California, drivers must slow down or get onto another lane whenever there are first responders or tow truck drivers pulled over on the shoulder.

Jorge Morga, who is a high school senior, is now dedicating his life to saving the lives of others.

"My father has always been that type of guy who doesn’t like to have everything focused on him," he said. "So I thought it was a great idea to bring awareness to drunk driving and to all these tow truck operators and construction workers who are killed daily because of laws that are not enforced."

Jorge Morga said they will be saying a prayer for anyone whose lives have been torn apart by drunken drivers. He also said he is hoping to work with Mothers Against Drunk Driving to raise more awareness.

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