Full Circle Documentary Film Shoot

On Tuesday, January 8th, the members of the New Dimensions will be performing at Harlow's.  This event will be filmed on site and will give people who are fans of surf music the opportunity to jam with a few legends of surf music.  Northern California Filmmakers Coalition (NCFC) will be conducting a promotional event help at Harlow's, January 8th, 2019 at 11:30am.  This event is open to the public who have an interest of surf music and appreciation for the genre.  The intent of the public's involvement is to create a community of people showing their enjoyment with the incentive of being included as extras in the film.  The Northern California Filmmakers Coalition(NCFC) is a non-profit film organization located in the Sacramento, California.  Our mission is to encourage individuals in filmmaking and/or film-related areas through education by providing hands-on experience and participation in filmmaking projects.  Our goal is to add value to lives and promote professionalism in the film and television industry.  Established in 2012, NCFC provides opportunities for aspiring members of the performing arts community to acquire life-changing experiences, knowledge, abilities, skills; and to fully participate in the filmmaking process.  Our professional team of cinematographers, lighting experts and producers work rigorously to showcase stories that are meaningful to viewers and relative to today.

More info:
NCFC Harlow's Film Shoot
2708 J St.
(916) 441-4693

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