Sierra Roads Cleared in Calm after the Storm

EMIGRANT GAP -- Late Monday afternoon, roads in the Sierra were clear once again.

It was a drastic change from Sunday when Interstate 80 was shut down.

A group from Mountain View said they made sure not to try to leave the mountain Sunday.

"So much better than yesterday," said Douglas Darrah. "We were doing 40 on a road we were doing 10 on yesterday. That was so nice."

Others confirmed it was a mess.

FOX40 met Mike Cook at a Truckee area gas station. He shot a video of the packed Donner Pass Chevron parking lot as people waited to get back on the interstate around midnight.

"Could barely get out of here," Cook told FOX40. "It took me three and a half hours to go a mile last night to get home."

The empty shelves inside the Chevron showed just how fast, hungry and anxious people can swoop up what they want while they wait.

Of course, when the crowds eventually did leave the snow stayed.

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