Sunday Storm Leaves Behind Huge Mess in Northern California Neighborhoods

Strong winds from Sunday's storm sent trees toppling onto roads, cars and homes -- leaving a huge mess to deal with on Monday.

"We had two trees that were down. One went in front of our house and one went in our driveway," Debbie, who lives in Stockton, told FOX40. "Everybody was lucky but we ended up with a mess."

Powerful wind gusts also knocked out power for several neighborhoods in Stockton and Sacramento.

Abel Mejia said Monday afternoon that he's been without power since Sunday evening.

"I get home and everything is dark. It’s pretty bad," Mejia said. "We’ve been without power since last night. I talked to PG&E and they said it won’t be back on until later tonight."

Mejia says couldn't tell the extent of the damage the storm caused until Monday morning when he saw the wind also toppled his fence.

Thousands in Sacramento went without power Sunday night and Monday morning.

Over in Stockton's Quail Lakes neighborhood, the strength of the storm snapped a flagpole and scared neighbors.

"We heard this rather, kind of a loud but a deep 'rrrrrr' and I couldn’t figure out what it was. So I went over to a side door and when I went to go opening it sucked me straight back in and I’m like, 'Holy crap, what’s happening? I think we’re having a tornado,'" neighbor Lisa Gottschalk said.

Flying debris damaged Gottschalk's neighbor's home.

More rain is expected to move through the area late Tuesday.

Winds Topple Trees in Sacramento

"It was pretty crazy, the winds were howling," said Osvaldo Morales. "I have a bunch of plants that are missing branches, you know. It was pretty treacherous."

Over in Oak Park, Morales thought things were bad around his house until he walked down 6th Avenue.

"Her truck seems like it’s pretty much totaled," Morales said.

A Nissan Frontier’s roof was smashed and part of the bed was crushed underneath a giant branch.

"When that limb fell it made a very unusual sound," said Lillian Murphy.

Ninety-one-year-old Murphy was just feet away, watching TV in her living room when the branch fell.

"And so I said, 'What in the heck?' Trying to figure out what was going on," Murphy recalled.

Once Murphy realized how close it was she was glad no one was hurt.

Nearby, several large branches fell in McClatchy Park in a spot where Joseph Johnson had just been playing disc golf.

"Well, that happened after we left. After the game was all over we were over there tallying up the scores and that’s when that there fell," Johnson said.

Now, with more rain in the forecast, Johnson said he’s not going to risk it by playing disc golf in the rain.

"I’m staying inside for all of that," he said. "I’m familiar just staying in the house."

A few miles away a tree fell near the playground at Southside Park in downtown Sacramento. Crews blocked 6th Street as they cut it up.

Just a few blocks from that another tree crushed a shed.

Meanwhile, before it rains again, Morales said he’s heading out to get more supplies, just in case.

"But I’m definitely going to have to get some candles and some emergency supplies because there was a couple of branches on some power lines that definitely had me worried," Morales said.

But for Monday, he’s using the dry weather to walk his dog, Oliver.

"Definitely cooped up inside, He’s been getting a little pent up, so I’m taking advantage of this nice little break," he said.

Emergency Dispatch Center Loses Power

Thousands in Sacramento County lost power in this weekend’s storms.

At around 6:30 Sunday night, the power went out at the Sacramento Regional Fire/EMS Communications Center but they had a backup generator.

"However, at about 8 o’clock, there was another power surge or something that caused that system to also lose power," said Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District Capt. Chris Vestal.

But Vestal said they have trained for this exact situation. Extra people were called in to track the different battalions using whiteboards and radios.

The power was out for several hours but within minutes Vestal said the old school system was up and running, and with only a slight delay in response times.

Vestal said in Sacramento County those calling 911 always first go through a law enforcement dispatch center before being transferred to the communications center. He said during the outage none of the calls were lost and all of them had emergency crews responding.

What caused that backup generator to go down is still being investigated but dispatchers are ready in case it happens again.

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