After Rookie Davis Officer’s Death, Tributes and Condolences Roll In

DAVIS -- As investigators work to make sense of a shooting that left a rookie Davis police officer dead, the community is trying to do the same.

"When it happens someplace so small, it hits everyone. You kind of like see everyone go about their daily business but you know it's on their minds," UC Davis student Laurie Chin said.

Condolences and tributes began rolling in at the Davis Police Department on Friday, just hours after 22-year-old Officer Natalie Corona was shot and killed while responding to a car crash.

"This is our daughter. These are our sons and daughters. These are people doing their jobs and she did nothing wrong," campus and community Minister Timothy Malone said. "She was totally innocent."

An officer dying in the line of duty is incredibly rare for the community of Davis. The last time a Davis police officer was killed while on duty was 60 years ago.

"And then hearing that it was someone that was like around our age and I just had a sorority sister actually who just became a police officer around the same time she did and so I feel like that really hit close to home and that it could really happen to anyone, you know?" Chin said.

Some hope Corona's death will spark a bigger discussion about gun violence and many say Davis is the right place to have that conversation.

"It is a conversation that needs to be had and that our community needs to come together to do," Malone said. "It's not just one person doing this or a couple of people bringing flowers and stuff. It's like something that has to start with a bunch of group of people coming together."

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